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"Mind you, he was only nine, and you were eleven, and he was as naive and gullible as they come."

"Oh come on, I wasn't that bad...okay so I did it for a year or two...three tops. I stopped though, and I got a few nicknames for her from it," Velox said as he attempted to defend himself.

"Besides, there was much 'kissing' before you were even considering what being a man even meant!"

"Remind me to stab you later," Velox replied, though he obviously wouldn't do it.

Velox watched as the commander walked away to take care of something. It was then he noticed the other sith in the room. He was confused why so many sith were contacted for this. In his head it made sense that the three of them had been called.

Velox knew how Morbus and Kyara fought, and could work well with them. The three of them were a force to be reckoned with. This crisis seemed quite important, and their ability to work together as sith was most likely the reason they were here. So why another sith? Velox mentally shrugged and looked back to the commander.

"You will be traveling with Zassos aboard his ship as soon as his contact reaches us. It is a heavily modified D5-Mantis with plenty of space aboard for all of you."

Velox seemed alright with going on Zassos's ship. His was much to small for him anyway. Plus he'd get a chance to catch up with Kyara...and Morbus. He got up, ready to get a move on.

"Hopefully his ship is worthy enough of your stature," Velox said to Kyara, teasingly again.

Velox turned to look at Morbus. "Try not to get lost," he teased.
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