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Simple... When the TIE are barreling in, go left, about 2 inches left of the left tower/defensive position, then grip and throw fighters into one another. You should be able to gripe 3 in a row and slam them into other fighters.

One thing that is total bull**** is that PC players are verily ****ed unless they map something to emulate the mouse up/down. I have a nostromo n50 speedpad and did just that. One nice little detail that would have been good to know is that getting things into the green zone varies with difficulty so when getting no movement indicators, nothing was aligned -yes, get the damn thing level and pointing at you. Once I figured that out after 30 minutes of trying to bring the mother****er down, I remapped the speedpad z-axis and did it in no time at all. Bull**** for PC players.
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