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Double Fine Adventure!

Am I the only one having mental orgasms? It has already made double of what they asked for ONE MILLION DOLLARS TWO MILLION DOLLARS THREE MILLION DOLLARS (they have the Kickstarter record for most funds in 24hs and the largest number of backers! and now hold the record for the largest amount of funds ever, beating the first ones to make a million). This is big, really big.
So many questions!
Is this the start of a revolution?
Will this change how independent games are made?
Will this encourage big studios to invest in smaller riskier games?
Will this shake the Hollywood business model in the video game industry?
Is this the beginning of the singularity?
Or does this simply mean we are getting a cool new game?

In the media for grown ups:
CNN: When making a game is a game in itself
USA Today: Video game makers use crowd-sourced funding for new project

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