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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Well, I love the level of detail, but the colors are too "loud" in most places, and look too much like a solid sheet of texture. It's kind of reminiscent of an old PS1 Tomb Raider game in some places, most notably Telos' interior and Feedon Nadd's tomb's interior. It looks totally different in the videos from the screenshots; the screenshots are extremely flattering.
Yea i had to work based on where the texture got shared in certain areas to avoid to many odd textures showing up in the wrong place. If i used a texture with lines in freedom tomb then it would have looked odd in some places, so i used two different solid textures for it.

Originally Posted by milestails View Post
The new skybox for the Telos Polar Plateau is STUNNING! Mountains, vistas, and lakes! Obsidian should be ashamed of themselves for the one they had put in.
Thanks does wonders for that spot
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