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Hello and greetings to everyone,
I'm new to this forum, I fell upon this post after days of searching the Last Chance to See radio show, which is very hard to find if you're not in the UK. I would gladly spend 500 Latvian dollars on this, but it is simply nowhere to be found.
I am very glad that I could find 6 out of 7 episodes here. I was just wondering if anyone, by any chance, still had the Komodo Dragon episode (The Tingler posted a Mediafire link two years ago but it no longer works). I know I'm a newcomer and of course I'm not requesting anything. I was just hoping someone still had this and could possibly lead me to it. I would be very grateful about this, I fell in love with that book, just like everything Douglas Adams wrote.

Thanks in advance,
A fellow Douglas Adams (and 90s Lucas Arts adventure games, by the way) fan
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