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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Then what's the point for you to mention the sequels?
What other Star Wars films would he likely make?
Originally Posted by Alexrd
That's a matter of opinion.
You're right; it is.

Really, though, my only gripe with GL now is his steadfast refusal to release a Blu-Ray edition of the unaltered OT on one hand, and whining about fans editing his films on the other. He can't seem to grasp that if he acquiesced to the former, fans would have that much less incentive to do the latter. Instead, he insists on being obstinate and childish about the matter.

As far as I'm concerned, he can continue to make his soulless schlock if he wants to, and I'll, quite simply, continue to ignore it, like I should've done, but failed to do, with the PT. I haven't seen Indy 4 and I most likely never will. It's the historical revisionism that ticks me off.

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