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I'm dreadfully slow, I try to do all the sidequests humanly possible (and not possible), so I end up getting sick of the game and moving to another for a while. That's why in mass effect I have almost 26 hours and I've only done Noveria and most of Feros... \m/ but I also get sort of lazy so sometimes I'll skip a bunch of sidequests just to keep going through the game and progress. That's also why I haven't completed many games.... and I sometimes end up making multiple players and get to a certain point and stop... So if I were to vote a second time, I would say "Just to have fun and forget real life for a moment" because isn't that ultimately why most of us play games? Forget real life for a minute and relax, enjoy the story? For me, going slow is part of that just enjoying the game. Well anyways, that was my rant. Sorry if you read the whole thing and wasted your time, meh. :/

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