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Forms discussion

One thing I am noticing more of is talk of forms for different classes. I'm sure there are forms for most if not all classes and not just the lightsaber wielders. So I am starting this thread about it so that people not in the know (such as newcomers, like myself) about them relating to this MMO can be educated about them.

Some general questions:
Are they minor or do they have a significant impact on gameplay? How do they affect character development? Is it important to switch forms to match a given situation or is it pretty much a buff/debuff that is set-it-and-forget-it? Play styles--what fits where? Experience on personal levels matter, so what is important for newcomers to know? What techniques do experts use? What character progression is best suited to what?

Obviously this is not absolute criteria. Emphasize what you believe is important. Do go into your experiences and feel free to compare and point out specifics as well as generalized stuff about the various forms.

So I guess this could be considered an "Idiot's guide to SWTOR Forms" of a sort.

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