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Economic Crisis in Greece

Well, I am a Greek citizen. And I suppose most of you are aware of the severe situation in this small country. Yesterday, around 1:00 am (Greek time zone), the Greek government signed a second package of economic measures to deal with the crisis in the country, suggested by Germany and the IMF, while at the same time, over 10.000 Greeks were protesting in the streets of the capital's centre (Athens) and outside the parliament about the government's decision to cut salaries, again. Over 20 buildings were burned yesterday and we count about 80 wounded, both policemen and civilians. Here in Greece the situation is extremely subjective, as over 90% of the population doesn't agree with the actions taken by the government the past 2 years. It's highly likely that we will hold elections in the first days of April. How do you see the situation in Greece? What information are you given by the media in your country? And finally, what do you think about the choice of Germany, our government and the IMF to reduce pensions and salaries in order to gain economical depth? Please, proceed.


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