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Well, not sure if you're still working on it, but...

To make it TSLRCM compatible you'll have to look at 1.8 (unless you want to re-do work, I doubt it). Which modifies the attack by "Batu Rem" (mostly just issues with jumping NPC's and fade-outs etc.)
Also, the weapon dealers (Czerka path) used to be GenoHaraden. Their entry, too, has been modified to add some missing Kreia lines (which were never triggered, since you had to be alone. So Kreia is just spawned for these few lines with the wavery effect than deleted again. Restored! )
And Vossk has been modified.

So yeah, not easy to make it compatible already.

And Nar Shaddaa, being Nar Shaddaa, got a lot of modifications too of course (Of which 303nar.git would be your main worry, and the modifications in 305nar).
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