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Part 1

The Sith lords:

So Xin and Harr go on a mission to exterminate the Sith lords on the planet of Tatooine. In order to do this, they must find and locate the Sith lords. Xin and Harr are now on a bar, gathering information. Xin goes near a fat barman, that has brown eyes and black hair.

Xin: Hello my friend!! I want to ask some questions about the Sith lords. I have been told that you know many things.

Barman: Your sources are well informed. What do you want?

Xin: I know that you have some Sith friends, and don't try to pretend the republic's friend. i want to help them escape the planet, for a price of course.

Barman: Very well, but your Wookie must stay here.

Harr: Hahahwhwhw!!!!!!!!

Xin: Calm down Harr! Okay my friend. My companion wont come with me.

Barman: Follow me.

So the barman and Xin go to a room near the bar.

Barman: So here is the room.

As they open the door, Xin doesn't see anyone inside it.

Xin: Where are the othe-

Before he could finish the barman tried to attack him, but Xin blocked his attack and kicked him in the legs, breaking one of them.

Xin: Tell me what happens?!!

Barman: Do you think that i am so stupid to believe everyone who comes and talks to me? Also did you though that i didn't recognized you, Xin?

Xin: I didn't knew that i was so famous.

Barman: Its time to end the jokes. Even if you kill me, the place is full of bounty hunters who want your head. Soon they will kill your wookie friend. Its time to die,my friend!!

Xin: Don't be so sure about that!!

The barman attacks once more Xin, but Xin pulls out his blaster and fires 5 times on the barman.

Xin: So uncivilized.

Four bounty hunters enter the room and start to fire with their blasters. The two of the bounty hunters are red twi'leks, while the other two are black assassin droids. Xin hides behind a table. Once the bounty hunters stop firing, in order to recharge their weapons, Xin throws a grenade and kills all of them.

Xin: All too easy. Its time to rescue Harr, find the boss here, take the information and kick some Sith ass.

So Xin goes back to the bar. There he finds Harr fighting with twenty-nine bounty hunters. Xin throws a smoke grenade that allows Harr to escape and leave the bar, and gives Xin the time to fire and kill seven bounty hunters. Once the smoke is clear, the rest bounty hunters see Xin with a plasma grenade in his hand.

Xin: Hello there!

Then he throws the grenade on the bounty hunters and quickly he hides behind a table, as the entire bar is blown up. The entire roof falls and kills those bounty hunters that survived the grenade, and it almost kills Xin.

Xin: I survived!! I survived!!

Xin finds a bounty hunter, who is wounded. Te bounty hunter is short, with red hair, a beard and blues eyes.

Bounty hunter: You are not the only one who survived.

Xin fires at the hands and legs of the bounty hunter.

Xin: Now that you cant walk or attack me, tell who paid you to do this?

Bounty hunter: A man named Bola, who lives in street 3564 in house 135673. He told us to exterminated anyone who made questions about the Sith.

Xin: Very well. Next time don't mess with me.

Xin gives a medical pack to the bounty hunter, and then he leaves with Harr to go to the house of Bola. Xin in his way is reinforced by two Jedi knights and thirteen republican soldiers. The first Jedi was a tall man with long black hair, while the second was bald with a beard. As they enter the house a gas poison kills 10 soldiers.

Xin: Your weapons men. There may be more traps here.

A dark hooded red zabrak with a double bladed lightsaber comes in the room.

Bola: Hello, my Jedi friends.

Jedi: Sith lord!!

Bola uses force storm to kill the three remaining soldiers, and attacks with his lightsaber the Jedi. After a sort duel he cuts off both hands of the first Jedi and then kills him, while a few moments later he cuts off the head of the other Jedi. So Xin and Harr must face alone the dark lord.

Xin: Harr fire on him!!

Harr: Hhaha.

Xin and Harr fire at the Sith lord, but Bola blocks all of their attacks. Then Xin throws a plasma grenade, but the dark lord uses the force to push it back, and it explodes near Harr, blowing up the entire house. The sith lord then runs in the street.

Xin: Harr, stay here and find some help.

Harr: Hhhahaah.

Bola steals a landspeeder. Xin also steals one, and a crazy pursuit in the desert of tatooine begins.

Next part: Pursuit of Death

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