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Hi guys,

I recently got a copy of kotor 2 after I had played the first one, man I loved that game. After getting sadly star wars geeky excited at playing the sequel I was devestated at having the joy snatched from me.

I installed the game easily. Patched it with 1b version. placed in mss.dll file. Changed the game display as well as the target on a shortcut as well to run i core processor.

The game loaded well. It allowed me to sort out my character how I wanted spending time in slecting certain force specialities and when the music clip started with the story line writing star wars style I was like a little kid again.

After this the game crashed. I was devastated!!!!!!. I have seen on many web site forums many many people stating the same problems. I have windows 7 intel core 3 new laptop. But I have also seen that the intel video thing for my computer and hope that thsi will not be the problem stopping me playing this great game????

I have updated drivers as well but nothing.......Please please please can someone help me.....I have gone through all the steps listed on this forum which are in great detail but still it crashes in the same place please someone must have a solution???? It cant just not work work intel videos as there must be a large amount of us in same position and that would alienate a market. I am based in th uk!!!!!

Your thanks in advance!!!!!
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