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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
I've attempted this, and I got it to work somewhat. (Although I don't think I'm the person you're trying to remember Z) Basically, I got it to where the custom hilt would start off with a default saber, and it could be taken to the upgrade bench. However, once the color crystal is changed the saber reverts to the default model, and can never be changed back. I don't know if there's a way to compensate for this.
From what I know and have expierimented with, (and this goes all the way back to USM's original system), is that the only way to have a specific hilt model have all colors (or more) - is to make that many specific hilts. Which basically means that you have to sit and export however many models you're doing colors for, then after doing the mdlops replacer for all those models, is to hex edit the color of blade into the model.
Then you have to make that many uti's for hilts and crystals.
So if you want 9 colors of the same hilt model, that's 9 mdl and mdx files and 18 uti's for saber and crystal.

In a word, no. I won't be doing that for HotOR, but RandomSabers is like that if you would prefer it. 6 custom hilt models with 10 colors for each.

But here's some stuff Ive been messing with..

"Dang your tall!"

I just shouldn't be messing with stuff I don't know about.

possibly new color Armored Robe

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