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Even in their compiled state I can see words in the files like "K_CURRENT_PLANET", "Firing Anim 05 for Korriban m12aa_01q" etc.; no mention of the party being cleared (though that doesn't prove anything).

As a test I just cleared the entire scripts and put them in the override folder. In the Taris Hideout there seemed to be no change as I entered the module (though that script was a really short one).
On entering the Ebon Hawk the only change I noticed was that the skybox around the ship changed; even though I was on Dantooine, I could see Kashyyyk through the windows. (Seeing the name of the script—"k_pebo_skybox"—that seems to make sense: the script conforming the skybox to the planet you are actually on is no longer functioning.)
This leads me to believe that the scripts are not *directly* performing a ClearPlayerParty function.
I remember reading somewhere on here that some files would get the message "partial-could not decompile" in DeNCS because the .nss files would reference files like "k_inc_utility" and "k_inc_debug". So, I got the idea of looking for a ClearPlayerParty function in those files.
Lo and behold, in "k_inc_utility.nss" there was a "ClearAllPartyMembers" function.
I have no idea where to go from here.

Maybe another method would be more fruitful. Is it possible to get the party selection screen to show up (i.e. adding party members while in the module).
While in the Ebon Hawk or in the Hideout, going to the map, the "Party Selection" option is greyed out and when you click on it, it says "That function is unavailable at this time." Is there some way to turn it on?

Sorry for torturing you with such a long story

EDIT: Just realized that that's what JCarter said. However, I set Unescapable to 0 in the ARE file (and made sure the entry actually changed before saving), put it in the Override folder, then opened KotOR, but the Party Selection button was still greyed out.

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