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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by Sithspecter View Post
You could always split up the holocron model (inside your 3D program), and apply 2 different textures to the holocron model, and use 1 for the shiny part, and the other for the glow. Inyri did that on some things, works just fine.
Thanks for the suggestion/tip! But it's a lot of work (particularly as it would involve "punching out" separate sections for the metal overlay and the "glass", leading to ever more potential export issues and other such "fun"), and like with animated textures, I'm not sure how much it actually improves player experience. I may give it a go later on, nevertheless.

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post

Not sure how I have missed the last couple updates... the holocron placeables are quite excellent, IMO (and the O of several others it seems ) and just might spur some modding here and there.
I hope so. When I've finished up the holocron mod (fingers crossed not too far in the future), I'll release them as a separate resource, as I say, for both games, so hopefully people will put them to use.

The skybox you worked out for RV is a nice improvement, and I liked the latest version with the fog turned down some the best... but all of them but the first (with the "lens flare" effect) are quite good.
Thank you.

The darksword looks fantastic! I really like the electric-y effect on the blade, seems close to perfect.... although I am sure you will continue to tinker away

Thanks! You know me so well.

Nice to see the ancient wizened master grizzled veteran still ploughing away!
Just about still ploughing on... not sure about the "master" bit, or the "veteran". Ancient, wizened and grizzled is certainly right, though.

Notice I did not say decrepit, dementia riddled, crusty, gruff, miserly or scruffy looking, as these do not match dear darathy
No, absolutely not! What were we talking about again? And who are you?

Following QGG's prediction I have indeed been tinkering, and managed to get the electricity on both sides of the blade to work as I want it, and the hilt to UV-map correctly:

I'm still debating whether 2d7 base damage (+1d4 electrica bonus damage, so a total actual damage range of 3-18) is too high, and whether either 1d12 or 2d6 might be a better choice (giving a total, with the electrical bonus, of either 2- or 3-16); if anyone has any thoughts please let me know.

I'm also considering where to place it in game, or if I should actually have it in pieces in various points in "act 1" (i.e., from Peragus to the end of Telos), and assemble-able at the end of that, or if it should be simply found somewhere like on the Harbinger. This would give the player a kind of pre-lightsaber in the early-to-early-mid game, without taking away from the full satisfaction/frustration of having to wait to get a lightsaber.

If I do split it into pieces, one will likely be on the Harbinger, and maybe another somewhere on Telos, most likely on the surface or in the bunker. Or is that leaving it too late for the player to acquire it? Perhaps I should just dump it in the player's room. What do people think?

That's about all I've got going at the moment, so until the next update...

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