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Originally Posted by Istorian View Post
How do you see the situation in Greece? What information are you given by the media in your country? And finally, what do you think about the choice of Germany, our government and the IMF to reduce pensions and salaries in order to gain economical depth?
The information I receive in my country is the same that you described. However, from what I understood, Greece lied to the European Parliament when they joined the EU about their financial situation. Maybe I you could help clarify this? If it's true or not?

As you may know too, Portugal is next to Greece as far as economic crisis goes. But although the situation here is not as problematic, we can at least blame part of the people and not just the government. Here, when the socialist party was in government, they wasted all the money on superfluous things knowing full well that they didn't had money to pay everything. And they won the elections more than one time. Unfortunately those who didn't vote for them have to help to pay the debt.

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