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Part 2

Pursuit of Death:

So a crazy pursuit begins in the desert world of Tatooine. Both landspeeders run very fast, and they soon go to the desert of Tatooine.

Bola: Give up, smuggler!!!

Xin: Never!! Its time for you to die, Sith scum!!

Bola: No, you will die!!

Bola throws his lightsaber on Xin, but Xin manages in the last second to catch it and throws it back on Bola, wounding his leg.

Bola: I have a second lightsaber. Hahaha!!!

Xin: Very well. Take this!!

Xin fires with his blaster on the hand of Bola. Bola, unable of driving with one hand, falls on a rock and his landspeeder explodes.

Xin: Now its time to catch you and kill you.

But a group of sandpeople attacks Xin.

Xin: What the?

Sandpeople: Hhooo!!!!!!

Xin: Die!!!!

Xin uses his blaster to kill three sandpeople, and then he throws a grenade, killing twenty-three sandpeople and causing a huge explosion. At the same time, the wounded Bola uses force speed to escape. After a few minutes a team of three jedi knights, forty republican soldiers and Commander Atton come in the deserts and finds Xin.

Xin: Hello Commander.

Commander Atton: You have failed. We had a Sith lords in our hands and you let him go.

Xin: I pursuit him, but he managed to escape.

Commander Atton: You idiot!! Don't expect to be paid.

Xin: So you think.

Xin throws a grenade, killing thirty troopers, and fires at one of the jedi knights, killing him.

Xin: So, will you pay me now Mr. Atton?

Commander Atton: Yes, dammit!!

Xin: Thak you. I am leaving from this insane planet. Come on Harr. Lets go. We will find a better job to do. We will work for Ulaba the hutt.

Commander Atton: Leave now!!! One day we shall meet again.

A green twi'lek republican soldier comes near Atton.

Commander Atton: Soldier, sent a group of forty-hundred soldier to search the entire desert to find and eliminate the dark lord.

Soldier: Very well sir!!

In Feraiar's farmhouse, there is silence. Only the desert exists in this place. A huge sandstorm destroys everyone out there.

Feriar: When will this dammed sandstorm stop?

John: When the time comes.

Feriar: That is what you say every time i ask you to go to the Jedi academy.

John: I know that is difficult for you, but we live in dark times.

After a few hours, the sandstorm ends, and the sky is again calm. Feriar is preparing to leave his house.

John: Feriar, where are you going?

Feriar: I want to go to a bar to meet some friends.

John: You can waste time with your friends once you have done all of your works.

Feriar: Come one, Uncle.

John: Okay, go.

As Feriar walks in the desert, he found forty-seven sandpeople's dead bodies, and a black hooded body.

Feriar: Who is this black hooded twi'lek and how he could have done all of this? I must take him to the farm. I sense that he is still alive.

A few hours later in the farm, Feriar explains the situation to his uncle.

John: What??? How do you know if this man isn't a Jedi, or, even worse, a Sith?? He could be dangerous!!

Feriar: We can let him die. When we find a wounded man we have to help him.

John: Dammit. This actions will one day cause you to die.

Feriar: Then i will die as a good man.

John: Don't swear that! Many things can happen to people. Take as an example Revan.

Feriar: I know. Should i use the force to heal him?

John: No!!!!!!!!

Feriar: But he will die!

John: Better him than me!!!

Feriar: I will do it!!

John: No!!!!! Oh well. Do it.

Feriar uses the force to heal the black hooded twi'lek. The man wakes up.

Feriar: Who are you?

Man: What am i doing here?

Feriar: You were wounded. I found you, i cured you. Whats your name?

Man: My name is.... Bola!

Next part: Apprentice of the Force

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