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Post Legacy Names and your family tree

Well I've run Shelkylya long enough to get a Legacy name


So if you play, and aren't in either of LF's guilds.. you'll at least know it's one of my characters running around lost (Tu'Deay = 2da). Assuming of course you have Legacy titles enabled in your nameplates options

Anyone else running around with their Legacy name?

As far as i understand, currently (Feb. 17, 2012) Legacy only bears the title with no additional benefits... yet. Any good rumors going around as to what ToR may bring to the Legacy goodies table?

I'm assuming possible tweaks for newly created characters. Maybe stat/skill buffs, or something to that extent. DDO (and I'm sure other MMOs) did something similar. While it wasn't "legacy" or "lineage" oriented.. players who played long enough and built up enough "Favor" would unlock certain rewards or additional goodies. There were exceptional gifts, new classes, stat buffs, etc.

Wondering how the whole Legacy thing will play out.

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