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TOR ate my KotOR
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Alright I pretty much stink as a healer in the level 50 flash points that I have tried.

Although from what I’ve been reading I’m not the only one that sucks at healing with a sawbones.

So I’m going to give my main problems and see if anyone has some advice.

1. Energy runs out in longer fights. How I solved this in solo was to fire my default blaster attack until I built up energy enough to use heal again. I would usually do this in combination with a flash grenade or dirty kick in order to buy myself a few moments. Diagnostic Scan also works here for building up energy, the problem is it takes forever to cast and provides very little healing.

Cool Head which is the best way to regenerate energy has a 2 min cooldown. So after I use up the energy from it, sometime I still have 1 min to wait for Cool Head to be an option.

I’ve been told not to attack in combat, but I’m thinking that means do not attack with attacks that take energy. Is it alright for me to use the default attack that restores energy? Could that cause me to pull aggro from the tank? I wouldn’t think the default attack would draw more aggro than a big heal, but I don’t know.

2. Second is a problem, but there really isn’t a solution. About the only heals I have while moving is Slow-Release Medpac (which only heals a moderate about of health over 18 seconds and cost 15 energy) and Kolto Cloud (which will heal 4 target, up to 30 meters away but only within a 10 meter radius). This one seems to work, but it is very under powered even with Healing Hand, Smuggler Technology and Homegrown Pharmacology. So my problem is how to stay out of harms way, but within the range of everyone in the group while also keeping them all within my line of sight. If they are out of sight (behind cover or up a ramp), I cannot heal? Best I can do is cast Kolto Cloud and hope they are with 10 meters of whoever I targeted.

3. Is it bad form to leave in the middle of a fight? No that isn’t what I mean, but when I suddenly get aggro, can I disappear to get the mob off my butt? I know I have the ability, but isn’t that going to suddenly put the mob on someone else? If I had already used Surrender (30s cooldown) and used the shield probe (not sure of correct name for a smuggler, but it is the same as the imp agent), should I use Disappearing act and then reappear to start back to healing? Disappearing Act does have a 3 min cooling off period, so I like to save it for the in-combat revive that sawbones has.

4. Anything else anyone can think of? Jeff, Mav, Kus and Lynk have been really nice about it, but I know I suck at this so far. It is the first time I played a MMO and the first time I’ve done a healer, so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate them. I hate to let my friends down even in a make believe world.

Loved the smuggler story and I have really had fun playing her, but from what I have read today I may have really gimped myself by choosing that class as a healer. Should have done like Lynk and did more planning/research before the game was even out.

This is my build right now. if you have any tips.

From everything I've read today, if you are going healer, Jedi Sage is the way to go. They are saying even trooper healer is a better fit. Which I cannot believe that is the case.

Edit one more question: With my Wookiee I almost constantly had Upper Hand in battles. While playing in a group, I only seem to get upper hand when I spam slow-release medpacs. What is great about Upper Hand for a smuggler is then I can use Emergency Medpac that cost no energy only upper hand. Left out the question: Is there a way for other class in the group to give me upper hand beyond killing an enemy?

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