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Sorry for the re-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-heaaallllyy late reply! So much stuff has been going on lately I haven't been on the net as much as I'd like. But, I just spent the better half of two hours reading up on both parts of your TOR fic that you have so far and I must say, I am damned impressed!
It's well written, the procession from chapter to chapter flows fluidly and I can feel Per'dra is beginning to grow in character now she is on Korriban. More so than when she was on Typhon. A good thing? I'll let the Force be the judge of that, haha. If she comes out from the experiment as whole as she went in I am intrigued as to what the eventual effects will show. Being forced to survive on how well you cope with the trials at hand really brings out ones true sense of self.

I never really liked Tamara. Too immature in my opinion. Even for a Sith-like character. But it works well, don't get me wrong. Its made me grow closer to Per'dra's character and apprehensive at which direction she will take. Even with Jedi training, you know what they say about good intentions....

Once again, I'm sorry about the lateness of my reply (I was shocked to see the number of months that have passed!)

But I am all up-to-date and looking forward to reading more!

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