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I have a lot of catching up to do, and i really need to update this thread. My time on TOR is paying off, because I have new ideas for area models. I was inspired by Imperial/Republic fleet, so I can make a big model for people that quest a lot in TSL or KotOR and they can buy unique items, good gear, learn new force powers and ETC for all the time they put into the game. Also flashpoints would be a good idea, so you can take 2 of your party members and fight and have fun. And I do notice there a lot of "Ideas" in this thread so I will really put effort into this if I officially announce this a mod.

And those of you I promised textures, area models, and etc. I am working on it, I am sorry for the delay too. The sad thing is that now I can only get on on weekends, (which sucks) so I am working as fast as I can without making anything sloppy.


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If you need help with textures on any KotOR/TSL mod, feel free to contact me.

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