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Name: Luna Ir'sai
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Species: Asari
Personality: She's lively and social regradless of the fact that her occupation requires more seriousness.
Occupation: Asari Commando
Appearance: Like most asari's look like, think of Aria T'Loak who runs Omega in Mass Effect 2 mixed with Liara.
Weapons: Assault rifle and shotgun, she also carries a side arm and is proficient with a sniper rifle, but mostly, her biotics are her best bet.
Abilities: As any Asari commando, she has great control and power as a biotic user. But she also is in great physical condition as she is a bit of a narcissist.
Biography: Luna was born and raised at the Asari Academy. She has never known much of the universe besides where she was born and raised to be the pride of the Asari Military. Despite that, her optimism and outgoing nature helped her make friends everywhere she went. She has been awaiting her release so she can have a much needed and deserved vacation. She intends to visit the worlds of all the races she has read about but only interacted with only once or twice.

Formerly known as "Miracle"

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sacarte de mi
respiro, no puedo
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