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Ebon Hawk

"What do you mean? Tonatius and I have had our own place for a while now."

Andros grinned, "Yeah and you've been hanging around the house more often." He loved teasing his sister. "Just kidding sis. So do you need me to call in an architect for some remodeling of your place?"


"It is a private matter...If I feel the urge then I will tell you at a later point in time."

Jun-la gave a slight nod. Something was bothering the young Shinigami and she had dealt with plenty of the brothers over the last few months courtesy of her uncle. She replied in traditional Shinigami fashion, "It is said that knowledge is power but the true strength and power lies in the one who chooses to give it." She turned her head slightly in that inquisitive look she would get when she was curious about something. Matton called it her inquisitor look.

Jun-la then turned towards Alriana and said, "I may have something for your stomach. Come with me to medbay." She beckoned the Jedi to follow her. Once they were in the medical bay she said, "I think there is something troubling our Shinigami friend and it's not the mission."


"We've made it to the cave. May the Force be with you."

Tavaryn made a slight movement with his head. Yeah it was stupid but sometimes habits died hard. He replied, "Roger that."

He looked over at Scatty and shouted, "Blow charges on mark." He then turned to look at the advancing troops. He gave the motion.

Scatty pushed the detonator but nothing happened. Tara's voice came over Tavaryn's comm, "One of the connectors has been damaged. They need to be reset."

Great, Tavaryn thought. He didn't have much time. Signalling his squad to stay put he charged forward resetting each charge. He muttered to give a status update to Garja and Belina, "We need to reset the charges. Less than five minutes."

As if that weren't enough, the last charge was completely severed. That meant it had to be either replaced, which would take too much time or he could expose the core and shoot it. That was better than nothing even though there was an added risk. He called to Tariq, "Pull back and take cover."

Tariq replied, "Sir, Tara's been giving us the stats of the detonation. We can't let you do what I am sure you are planning sir."

"That's an order." And Alri is going to kill me if I end up in the tank. Tavaryn took cover where he could still get a shot off. The explosion in front of him sent him diving to the ground.

Tariq got the last transmission before the explosion cut it off. He had his orders and being the second in command he had to carry them out. "Pull back and take cover." There was a slight hesitance but they obeyed.

Tavaryn looked up to see the charged were still in place. He set the detonator to where he could hit it while he fired. Unfortunately he wasn't going to have pretty good cover now that it had been virtually destroyed. He still had to do it. He hit the button just as he fired.

The explosion resounded as the enemy ran from the explosion. Tavaryn tried to keep from getting the brunt of the falling debris. He started running when he felt his feet lift off from the ground and he hit something hard. The last thing he saw was the orange ball of fire and a huge rock flying towards him.

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