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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
Coming from first-hand experience and with some skepticism going in.. I have to say that ToR is a bit unique and far from the typical MMO experience.
I concur, I was highly skeptical going in as a matter of fact I did not want to play it at all. Lynk talked me into because of the forum. I wanted KotOR 3, not some stupid game I had to pay a monthly charge for the pleasure to 500 Revan Jrs.

384 hours into the game and I’m sold (264 hours of those are with one character). While the Trooper has some of the same quest as the Smuggler, the class quest are different enough to make up for it. My Imp Agent, while having similar playing style as my smuggler isn't totally different quest. So around $60.00 for the game and $15.00 doesn’t seem like a bad when I consider KotOR took me about 30 hours on my first playthrough. I almost feel like I have bought 8 different games, so I'm not upset about the continued cost.

Also haven't seen any Revan Jrs running around.

PS: thanks Lynk
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