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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
I went in to tOR with an open mind and full of excitement, and I'm no stranger to monthly fee's... but I've never been so disappointed in a game in my life, I've not had one single minute of fun, it is lifeless, watered down poop, and I wouldn't play it again even if it was free to play. I fear it will have longevity based on the name alone, so I think games that could of been (other than K III)will not be made

Edit: This is merely my Opinion, and unwavering, I do not need to lower my standards/expectations, nor group up more
I couldn't agree more. I played the BETA I realize it's a little different then the released version, But not that much.
It was like a reskined version of Guild Wars. Don't get me wrong. I like Guild Wars, but it was free monthly at least. I won't pay $15 a month for recycled materials.
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