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Thumbs up Vidya Steals and Deals!

Heya gang!

GOG was having a pretty decent B1G1F sale and I realized we don't really have a place to post such stuff (and it's not really worth a thread of it's own). So.... if you happen to stumble upon a decent deal for vidya (games, movies, gear, etc.) Feel free to use this as your home

Of course, I realize this could be opening an invite to spammy-mcspam-spam posts, so:
  • don't go all ape. Sensible deals but don't go and just repeat Steam's or GOG's weeklies unless they're pretty special.

  • Obvious spam-bots/trolls will be killed by fire as usual.

  • If the thread starts to be abused, it too will die by fire.

  • Links to deals and if possible, when the deal ends.

  • No Affiliate links to deals. Thread isn't here for you to profit off of.

  • For this particular thread, don't worry about the double-posting rule. Some deals may not come til weeks apart and there may be no other posts between notices.

Now, bring on the goods!

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