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Part 3

Apprentice of the Force:

Feriar: Bola!!? The Sith Lord!!!!!!

John: A Sith Lord in my house?!!!!!

Bola: I sense that you can use the force, young one. You should come with me, learn the way of the force and help me rule the galaxy and bring unity and peace.

Feriar: Dong get me wrong, but i hide from both Sith and Jedi because i want to live a peaceful life.

Bola: You have a great destiny young one.

Feriar: I am sorry. But i can only take you to Abjodja 32456 , the greatest port in Tatooine.

Bola: Very well. The choice is yours.

Meanwhile on a republican starship.

Commander: Send a team of 500 soldiers to search for the Sith lord. Kill anyone who helps them. Have no mercy!!

Soldier: But will the jedi approve this?

Commander: I will make them to approve this. I am on a mission to << clean >> the planet from the Sith lords.

Soldier: Very well.

A few hours later in Tatooine.

Bola: Young one, do you want to help the people? We Sith use our power to destroy the republic and create a stable empire, that will provide peace and justice to its citizens.

Feriar: I wont come!!

Bola: Very well.

Feriar: I sense something in the force. I hear cries, i feel pain. I can hear all this from..... Home!!!!

Bola: Wait!!

Before Bola can speak, Feriar left for his farm. There he found his uncle dead and his entire house burned.

Feriar: I wanted peace!!! I wanted to kill no one. I wanted no wars, no violence!! But those jedi will pay for what they have done!!!!! I will become a Sith lord and exterminate all of them!!!!!!!! I can feel the dark side of the force in me.

Bola: Hello there. That is only one of the many victims of those jedi scums. Come with me and destroy those jedi.

As he walks, he watches a small girl and two small boys coming.

Bola: Here is your final test in order to take you as an apprentice. You see those children? Kill them. Its the only way you can take revenge.

Feriar: Very well my master.

Feriar, using the force storm, burns the children and he chokes to death all of them, one after the other.

Bola: Good. You will now become an apprentice of the Force!!

Next part: Escape to Korriban

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