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Originally Posted by Red Hessian View Post

EDIT: I have a few bones to pick with this DLC. A Prothean squad member?! Let me guess: He's been in stasis on some forgotten world for the last 50,000 years, just waiting for Shepard to come and rescue him and then pledging his undying loyalty to help save the galaxy from the Reapers which destroyed his people...

How would he communicate with anyone? Shepard might understand the Prothean language, but he can't speak it. Iíll bet heís some kind of super-smart type who can learn an entire language just be hearing a few words of it. Canít wait to see how the geniuses at Bioware/EA are going to explain this one.
Sorry to rewinds a bit here, but I have problems with these objections. The 50,000-years-in-stasis thing is a bit odd yeah, but Vigil lasted quite a while and they knew where he/she/it was, I'm guessing the Reapers had no such luck with Prothy. Slightly tricky to explain, but not a patch on most of ME3s plot points are going to be.

The translation point: not an issue. How do all the species communicate in the first place? Drell and Turians sure as sh- do not speak English. In a conversation in ME2 with Thane, Shepard mentions that her 'translator just glitched' when he calls her 'Siha'. This, to me, implies some sort of universal translation device, something that is hardly inconceivable given that it would be a top priority of any set of civilisations looking to form a galactic government. So: the Protheans are extremely intelligent, we know this. It's not a massive stretch to imagine some way (i'm no expert, but w/e) of merging the Prothean language into this thing.

That's how I see it anyway.
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