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As I just posted in the 1.0 thread, I've reuploaded all the installation files for the earlier version of the mod. They can all be found on a website that I also use for my animation hobby, so you you can watch them if you want too.

Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley View Post
My thoughts exactly! one question? You know the jawa/lvl50 consular you get on duxn, will you change his stats. he was very over powering and with particular morphs he had around 2k vitality and could kill strong opponents very quickley. If you could tone down his health and strength ect, it'd balance the game out. It got to a point where I got so bored of pwning I left him for weaker allies...
Hell, without morphing he still had ridiculas vitality. (this is from my memory, Ill look so stupid if im talking about the wrong mod :P)
Yeah, I'm going to be doing loads of game balancing stuff while I'm bug testing. I've done the boss fights as I've gone along, so they're all a bit more interesting and not so quick now, but I'll be tweaking a lot of the gameplay.

Originally Posted by darth-ackbar View Post
Hi everyone, if you don't mind me asking, how did trex make the picture of revan for the main menu (sorry I can't seem to get LF to quote but it was on page 2) did he change the mainmenu01 model somehow, or not?
Yeah, I just hex edited the menu model and replaced the main texture. I'm afraid I can't remember much of how I did it beyond that though.

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