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And just one more question... since the left and right tarsal bone isn't really there, that bone isn't there to animate the tip of the foot. Is it supposed to be that way for JK2? To make it correct ingame, I would have to position it in another way than the skeleton is. Same goes for the fingers. I tried modeling around the skelton fingers, but it ended up sticking out the same weird directions in game, so I'll have to try to change the position until it looks alright in game. Any suggestions for this? It's just a tiny detail

Actually, with your help so far, I managed to make a long video tutorial on youtube (primarily for a friend, but I acted as if people generally should be interested in making a model for JK2) for getting a model into JK2. Very clumsy, but should help people who have trouble with the written guides, and it includes the information you've given here, which is not in those guides.

I am now creating a much better and more proper duck!
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