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*Blows off dust in thread* This thread has gotten a bit dusty. To fix that, it's time for an update on progress: I have gotten a bit more done on the mod. It's mostly been plot details, a few new selectable heads, along with some content implementation into the game itself. I don't any new screenshots or videos, though. In their stead, here are some party member background stories for EotF.
  • OB-48 - Combat Droid (Temporary Party Member)
    OB-48 will be found on the Corsair Nova. OB-48 is the personal bodyguard droid of Captain Dax Mindar. He has currently been programmed to ensure your safe arrival to Darrax, by any means necessary.
  • Adri Vale - Jedi Master/ Female/ Echani
    Adri Vale was the PC's Jedi Master, following the Battle of Telos IV. She will be found on Darrax on an unrelated assignment; But, after the events that transpire there, the Jedi Council will have her aid you in pursuing the matter.
  • Subal Mahkon - Scout/ Male/ Devaronian
    Subal Mahkon is a reputable pilot, who will get the PC to his/her destination(s). He was a previous pilot of the Ebon Hawk while Davik owned it. He rarely talks about his past. Subal has flown from one side of the galaxy to the other.
  • T3-M4 - Astromech Droid
    T3-M4 was created by Janis on Taris. T3-M4 was responsible for getting the launch codes to allow Revan and his party to escape. T3 can tell you about the events of KotOR I & II. T3 has retained his excellent repair & computer skills, which in handy from time to time.

I am allowing you to PM me an idea for a new party member. The winner will have his/her character included in Echo of the Force. Below are the requirements of your entry:
  • Include their background, species and gender.
  • General artwork, or even reskins you made, of the character are a plus.
  • The party member has to be a species (or droid) that are (or can be made with) existing models from KotOR II
  • Deadline: March 15th

More Coming Soon...

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