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Part 4

Escape to Korriban:

Bola and Feriar enter in a cantina.

Bola: We have to find a way to leave this pathetic planet.

Feriar: There is a ship here. Maybe we can kill its owners and steal it.

Bola: Who owns it?

Feriar: A young boy named Nick. He was a firend of mine, until before 5 years when he left for Dadooine.

Bola: Have you see him?

Feriar: No, but i can feel him and when i asked who owned the ship, i was told that it was owned by Nick.

Bola: So, shall we steal it?

Feriar: Yes, but i wont kill Nick.

So Feriar and Bola use their lightsabers to enter the starship and steal it.

Bola: We are heading to Korriban. There we shall finish your training.

Feriar: Very well my master.

Next part: Training

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