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Part 5


So Bola and Feriar arrived on Korriban.

Bola: The jedi would never suspect that we are on Korriban. After the war ended a republican occupation begun, while the jedi knights killed all sith. Before the republic, and its jedi protectors, left the planet, they bombard the entire place. So they wont think that anyone would come and hide here!!

Feriar: Can you tel me some more things about the Second Sith War.

Bola: What can i say? The failure of Darth Raptor and Darth Ryox, or the fall of Christos to the dark side?

Feriar: Christos? Who is this guy?

Bola: He is better know as Darth Rex, the conqueror. After he fell to the dark side, he took over almost half the republic, had hundreds of victories, won many battlers, fought in many campaigns and killed many jedi knights. He almost took over Coruscant.

Feriar: But he failed!

Bola: Yes. His old master, Ben, assassinated him on a duel in his flagship. After that there was no strong leader to keep the sith together. Darth Ryox was dead, and Darth Raptor, although a great warrior and force user, wasnt realy a brilliant general.

Feriar: And the jedi attacked Korriban.

Bola: Yes. Darth Raptor was defetead by a jedi named Nick. But that are things of the past. Lets begin the training.

For 30 days, Feriar explored all the ancient sith tombs and killed crazy robots, ancient sith spirits and managed to escape all the traps, including a room full of poison. But while he was in a tomb fighting an old crazy droid, a red droid came and attacked him with a flamethrower, burning Feriar's face.

Feriar: Master help!!!!

Bola: I cant help you. If you are weak, then die!!!

HK-47: Do you like my flamethrower.

Feriar: Who are you?!!

HK-47: The one that will exterminate you. I am a personal droid of Revan.

Feriar: Well, lets see how strong you are.

Feriar blocks the blaster attacks of HK-47 and then with a quick move he cuts off the head of the droid.

Feriar: It seems that Revan isnt so great. He cant even make a proper droid.

Bola: So you passed the final test. Take this mask. It will help you recover your face, someday.

Feriar: Thanks.

Bola: You are now a sith lord! Rise Lord Feriar.

Feriar: Thank you my lord.

As Feriar was talking ,he stabbed his lightsaber in the heart of Bola.

Feriar: Thats the way of the sit, right master?The weak must die!!!

Next part: Revenge
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