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TSL:The Night and Day Mod

This thread is to announce, not a request, but an actual work in progress. I got some jedi insight when thinking about that Nar Shadaa Skybox mod that made it "Day".

Then, I contacted Mandalore at Deadlystream to chat it up. If he can get the scripts to function, it's up to me to do the skins for each planet. Right now it's for TSL only, because the only skies I can find in K1 in KotorTool are Taris and Tatooine.

I'm here at LF both to inform you of the current work-in-progress and to ask for your opinions on what to skin in for each planet, suggestions on how you would like something done, and to ask any modeler's who see this to contact me if they think they can help me with something that I need/want done for this mod.

Here's a look at Korriban (though I need to blend the sky better. In-game you can visibly see where the color changes hue/shade.):

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