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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
Really?! Thanks! In K2, the skies are in the ERF texture packs, and right Under the letter that sky's planet is. In K1, I couldn't find them.
K2 names most texture files for planets starting with a abbreviation of the planet name. K1's area textures are all under the 'L' menu, labeled as:

LDA - Dantooine
LKO - Korriban
LHR - Endar Spire
LTR - Taris
LTA - Tatooine
LSI - Sith Base/Leviathan
LMA - Manaan
LKA - Kashaayyk(Skybox labeled 'trees')
LRK/LUN - Unknown World
LSF - Star Forge
LYV - Yavin

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