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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
I have heard good things about pathfinder. never used it myself.
It's very high quality and super high production-value stuff.

Plus: you only need the one main rule book to play, and the one main book plus a monster manual if you DM.

I'll probably spring for a few of the other optional books at some point... or just get them as PDFs, which are much cheaper.

And ALL of the game rules are available to see online for free at any time.

I think that's VERY cool!

It seemed like a far cheaper and easier way through the door than the various WoTC options I found... which involved at least 3 hardcovers (and more, if you go for all 3 available PHBs, DMGs, MMs...) an online subscription, or several "Essentials" box sets... AND an online subscription. For a game I hear I probably wouldn't recognize much from my days of tabletop gaming.

Play-wise, I understand that PFRPG is a tweaked version of the 3.5 ruleset... so if you weren't a fan of that, you may not like this. They have sorted many of the balancing issues, and beefed up the low-level character stats to give more of a fighting chance to beginners... but it's still something I'd recognize and be able to run a game without having to wrap my mind around all-new rules.

I'd still like to give 4e a try some time... but only if I can ever get it cheaper than investing several hundreds of dollars at once in hardcover books just to get started.

Maybe when 5e hits, I'll look into some of the 4e books on clearance.

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