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SW-TOR: Thoughts of a Padawan....(short)

Ja'on walked slowly to the shuttle resting atop the Jedi Temple. His adventures on Tython had been exhausting, both physically and mentally. Frustration had been building, but he kept chanting his mantra over and over, the first line from the Jedi Code: "There is no emotion, there is peace." He felt a presence behind him, before being pushed aside by one of his fellow students, one of the more aggresive mirilians. "Load up or get out of the way, Ja'on," he chided before getting on the shuttle. This padawan was the primary cause for his tension, constantly challenging Ja'on to duels, yelling across the whole world about his prowess and manliness, how women just fell to his feet. All in all, a pain in the...."There is no emotion, there is peace."

He smiled to the crew as he boarded the smallish craft, taking one of the few seats, others excited about their tasks, some talking about how they would focus their training, the more martial students talking about the qualities of offense and defense. Being of a more scholarly type, he knew his role, he would learn the secrets of the force, and use them to aid the wounded and downtrodden. Finally, the craft vibrated, then with a whine from the engines, it lifted from the ground, and they were off to the republic fleet.

After docking, the handful of passengers disembarked, most of them running off, hooting and hollaring, jumping around. "Bunch of hooligans," he thought to himself as he walked through the hanger, noticing the almost run-down look of his surroundings, yet appreciative for what the fleet stood for. On his way to Coruscant, he was stopped for a moment by one of the Masters, who informed him it was time to dedicate himself to his chosen path. He went where instructed, listened and absorbed knowlege, and in the process learned how to use the Force to heal wounds, and extending his capabilities of telekinesis. He also learned about the various arts of crafting, but decided he would be best suited to just gather. After all, knowledge was power, and others would pay good credits, enough to live off of anyways, for materials he might find.

On his way to the tunnel, he met his rival running through the halls, jumping like an idiot for no other reason than he could, now holding two lightsabers, both ignited. While he tried to duck away, Ja'on wasn't quick enough and was already spotted, and the other started with his peculiar dialect. "Lol! U suxors, R stewpd wit ur 1 blade. Duel me nao, bi atch!"

Enough was enough, and finally, Ja'on accepted, backing up to give as much range between him and the pain. Soon as the duel officially started, Ja'on channeled, opening the fight by using the force to throw something at his rival, expecting any of the loose debris, shelves, or whatever else was around to be thrown.

So, when he ripped a giant, antique urn from the steel deck of the station floating in space, he could only respond with "Wha?!"

hehe. This was really just a build up to how the Consular's Project ability, while varied, doesn't take into account where you are. It just rips the same items(though there is a large variety to them) from the ground.

My favorite thing to throw is T7.

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