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The urn smashed into my rival, pieces of broken pottery flying in every direction, the blow staggering him for a moment. Having watched him duel before, always challenging the youngest and least trained of our order, some barely stepping foot from the Master's Retreat, I knew that he liked to open with a leap. My initial strike had kept him from initiating his attack, but I knew it was fast coming, so I took a few hastey steps back. Soon as he regained his senses, he did as predicted, leaping the 30 meters between us like it were nothing, landing and swinging his blades viciously.

I was able to get my own blade between us, but the clashing beams jarred my arms, easily sapping some of my strength. Instead of returning the saber strike, though, I channeled the force, and smashed him with it instead, wearing down his own strength, and throwing his mind into disarray, holding him fast for a few seconds. Pressing my advantage, I focused myself, throwing a wave of energy at him, the conduit of energy sucking up various golf-ball sized rocks, which didn't exist on the durasteel plate floor before using my power, and chucking them at him. My channel ended right as he came out of his daze, and he started to press his attack anew, this time forced to perform standard attacks, I believe from the Shii-Cho style, though I could be wrong.

My own blade was quick enough to prevent any life-threatening injuries, and the energy suppressor on the station kept our blade outputs to training levels, so I knew I wouldn't die, but it still stung. I channeled once again, this time ripping a boulder from the floor, smashing it into him. Taking the second he was out of it, I practiced my newest technique, and utilized the force to heal the minor burns I had acquired thus far. Feeling refreshed, watching him come at me again, I focused one last time, easily seeing his exhausted frame slouching as he tried to press his attack. Just as he swung, I unleashed a massive wave of the Force, slamming into him, draining the last of his stamina.

"Well fought, Padawan," I started to say, as he screamed "HAX0RZ! How U gt healt bak?! HAX!" Fed up, I just walked away, shaking my head softly as I went.

"I wonder if the Sith have to deal with such problems," I mused.

Meanwhile, on Hutta~~~
Mako laid on the ground, beaten into unconciousness, while Vette kept blasting away at the blue-energy surrounded Bounty Hunter, who kept his single blaster pistol trained and unleashing on the red-headed cyborg, her two blades hissing as she seemingly effortlessly deflected his shots aimed at her back. She turned on the more heavily armored foe, smashing them into his armor repeatedly. As they fought, an undercover member of Imperial Intelligence who had been challenged by, and lost to, the Powertech looked on. When the Bounty Hunter finally fell to his knees, he started yelling across the world, "Of course u won, u sith!"

The redhead just shook her head as she walked off. "I just learned to sustain a sprint, and you're obviously more powerful than I am. AND you are designed to take, mitigate, and reduce damage. You should have easily won."

She pinched the bridge of her nose as she wandered off, muttering to herself, the only words left on the wind, "I really wonder if the republic has the same issues."

The first part is just my "thoughts" story going on. The second, I witnessed. Level 17 Powertech just beat a level 4 Imperial Agent in a duel, when this level 14 cyborg marauder walked up. She asked who challenged who, and when the powertech said he had challenged the IA, she challenged him. After buffing them both, and not getting a return buff. She killed the PT's Mako, then turned on the PT, and beat him into the ground. I put my own spin on the conversation, I think it her reply was "I shouldn't have beaten you. I'm a pure DPS in med armor, and you're a freaking TANK class. Learn to play!" lol.

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