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Sean (Sasistic/SpiffyGerbil) sent this little update to Unofficial a couple years ago:

You know how on your page that Brett said those were all the episodes, except the Glazed McGuffin Affair? Well he'd be right, except he left out 5 other missing episodes. I watched both of my tapes and I figured out that, the episode "Little Bigfoot" was not on your episodes descriptions page, and it may not have been ever aired. Also "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is the same episode as "The Monkeys from O.N.C.L.E.," it just has a different name. So that leaves us with 6 missing episodes, which are "Christmas, Bloody, Christmas," "A Glitch in Time," "The Glazed McGuffin Affair," It's Dangly Deever Time," "Have a Heart," and "The Friend for Life." And none of these match the description of "Little Bigfoot." Besides, I've seen parts of all of those episodes, except for "The Friend for Life." So that means most likely there will be another video with 6 episodes, just like the other 2, to complete the collection of all the Sam and Max episodes.
More info on the animated series and tapes can be found on the old Unofficial's animated series episode page.

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