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While it's horrible that there was loss of human life at all, the good thing is that it was stopped before the kid could break a record of sorts - which seems to be what a lot of these shooting-spree murderers aspire these days.
EDIT: Saw some more info on the news and want to correct any in correct information

The kid target only that one table.
He had no plan to shoot anyone else, but there is always a possibility but from I have been hearing in the news that these kids bullied him.- Edit: It sounds like its unknown why he target those kids: If this is true this event touches shows that there is a major issue present in society unlike in the past, now due to just the escalation of what people can get their hands on to use. Even if this kid could not get access to a gun there is no stopping him from stabbing one or more of the kids which points to ...How do we stop this from happening? Can we?

Edit: Read the rest as a general feeling on bullying:
We have on one hand one should kill another..but if it is a bullied situation and some kids are causing pain in the kid. We have read how other kids commit suicide due to bulling. The other hand is that bulling someone is wrong..but how can society convince kids not to or prevent bulling?

Our teachers are held in read tape and fear of lawsuits while parents defend their kids without asking are they guilty of bulling...this one goes into another topic of how parenting is not happening (I can only speak for USA).

Its hard to really change this trend when people running for office are using fear and prejudices to manipulate people and keep people from finding that we are all in the same boat and we should find beauty in our different cultures rather than using these differences as ways to attack and fear each other.

If the adults expect kids to not bully and help limit events like this.....Adults and public leaders need to honestly grow up. I am sick of leaders and people who are in the media who hide behind the line but we are only TV/Radio personalities....that is BS. And they know it!

Everything we do like the butterfly effect can alter or shape another person's beliefs. Its time we start finding ways to become a one,...a Human Species like a flower have many different colors.

Ok, I'm getting off my soap box,....

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