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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Gamers understand why devs (or should I say, publishers) want to make money. What they are fighting against is the wrong preconception some have against PC gaming. At least I do.

When people say consoles sell more than PC, what exactly are they saying? That 3 different plataforms sell more than one?
I was going to write up a huge post about this but it's easier on all of us just to do dot points...

- You mean 2 consoles, can't count Wii in this since it's not on par with the PS3 and 360.

- PCs are not standardised like consoles are, every PC is different and it takes a lot more time/money/effort for developers to make PC games because of this.

- Console gaming population is huge and still growing and tend to spend A LOT more money than PC gamers do.

- Developers have more control over their games on consoles. Developers/publishers try to exercise this on PC by the way of DRM... which isn't very popular.

- The majority of consumers want accessibility in their games. Insert disc, push start... start playing. Easy. Consoles do this, PC doesn't... developers know this. what I want to know is what are these "wrong preconceptions" developers have of the entire PC gaming platform? I mean, a lot of them have been developing PC games for a long time before they started to trend to consoles. Obviously something is happening that is making them do that... but if they're wrong for doing it, why?

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