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I don't think developers/publishers think they WON'T profit from PC games... it's just that most of them think they will get more profits from console games...

- PC games do sell... just not as quickly or as much as most console games unless it can do something a console just cannot... like TOR.

- DRM does protect their games, the more passive methods consoles and Steam employs seems to be pretty acceptable to a lot of people... but as you know, PC gamers draw a line and boycott games if it passes that line (see Mass Effect 3 on Origin).

- Piracy does have an affect, don't think it doesn't. We all do it but don't start thinking there is no affect.

You may have your beliefs but these companies have sales data on their games that seem to suggest that releasing games on a console is more profitable for them than on PC.

I'm not saying that we should like it, but they're not doing this out of some kind of malice or evil plan to take over the world or whatever personal attacks a lot of people feel PC developers are making against them. It's just business... it's the same reason why Nintendo of America didn't want to release Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower in the US... of course that's all fixed now since the success of those games in the EU and AU have changed their minds. |

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