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Originally Posted by Rejeans501st View Post
hey was wondering if this happend to anyone else i downloaded this and installed it but ingame when i click the robe to put it on my whole game crashes.

Granted i did use cheatcodes to get them as im not at where i can get them yet. is that why?
Originally Posted by Matten View Post
That's my problem too. It crashes if I click on the robe. I used KSE too, because I talked to Carth in the Korriban Sith Academy, and the compartment didn't spawned. :/ what's the problem and/or the solution?
I'm sorry you two are having this problem. I don't know what is happening. I tried it out both ways in-game and cheats. I don't use the KSE cause it does not work for me. But the only thing I can think is conflicting mods. Can either of you try to obtain it in game and not through the cheats?

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