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ok I kind of got it to work. I Havent even got on to taris yet as im not playing this right now but something i did is i have another mod that gives me revan robes but i dont like them so i took the tga file and went and got my other robe and renamed your robe as what its robe was.

so now i got them in game thanks to me messing with it there just called Revans lite side robes or something like that cause that is what the other robes where called.
but becuase of this there are several thing that i should say.

1. Unfortanitly the head clips now and the cape is a board so they are better than the other mod in looks but because of the changes i had to do to make them work they are now annoying if someone else where to try this fix i would look for a mod kind of like this one where it adds a new and or extra revan robe that is fixed like no cliping and cape isnt a board then try these fixes and it should work.

and number 2. while it probably is my other mods that are causing this for me as i always put blame to my overide folder first anyway cause i have so many different mods the fact that renaming the tga file as another mod worked means that the problem is your other file for the robes are not compatible with other mods like it so great mod but you might want to make it compatible with someother mods like this or not your choice

3. the talking to carth outside of the ebon hawk about being revan and it not working sounds lika a bug with your mod as it does say in your readme to talk to carth about being revan but my guess is that you have to do it ON the ebon hawk which if your not going to try to fix then you should put in your readme to speak on the ebon hawk so more people dont mess up like guy above me and get mad at your mod but if you want to i would say fix the mod so it dosnt matter where you are.

alright thanks this is a decent mod
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