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Yes, I know the situation in Portugal, and it has many similarities with ours. People in Greece saw a great economic boom in late 90's and early 00's, so we believed our economy was not only functional, but providing a deep income for the nation. After Greece hosted the Olympics in 2004 though, which should be avoided since we didn't have the infrastucture, and we had to make it from scratch, our economy went into depression and we changed the government in 2004, and again in 2009.

About Greece lying to the EU about its financial situation, I do not know that, but I can't think of how that could be true, since before we joined the EU, our economy was checked by the appropriate EU delegation. Our problem is the huge amount of corrupt politicians who sign million-dollar deals with companies and put over 50% of that in their pockets, who have over 60 real estates each while we have a 500 Euro salary per month, and who state their property as "barren" in order to avoid extra taxes, but they are in fact villas, mansions etc. We really need an honest politician, as many countries do, too.

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