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Part 6


Feriar left Korriban, and went to Telos. Telos, had a republican base with the files of all commanders of the republic, and their latest location. When the night fell Feriar, using his lightsaber, opened the base's door.

Guard: Who is there?

Feriar: Hello.

Before the guard could say anything, Feriar choked him to death.

Feriar: Now i just have to download those files. Its all too easy.

Feriar searched the files, and he found Commander Atton, the man who gave the order kill his uncle.

Feriar: Revenge is close. I will take my starship and head to Besbin. Above Besbin is the 56478 capital ship. There i will kill this man and take my revenge!!

In a few hours, Feriar landed on the capital ship.

Soldier: What do you wan-

Feriar quickly killed all of them, using force lighting. Then he fought his way to the bridge.

Feriar: Hello commander.

Commander: You!! You are one of those who escaped Tatooine!! You will die!! Men fire!

But Feriar blocked the the attacks of the soldiers, and then he killed them one after the other.

Commander: That impossible!! Where is the jedi!!

Feriar: Your miserable life ends here.

Commander: No please, no!! I beg you.

Feriar: If you fought like a man, i would spare you. But you deserve only one thing: Death!!

Commander: No, No, Nooooooo-

With a quick move, Feriar cut in two the face of the commander. Then he set up a bomb and escaped. His next destination is Hoth, where he will manage to destroy the jedi.
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