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I had precisely ZERO interest in seeing this, as I already own the DVD (used) since way back in 2001 (telling myself "for the collection" as at the time it was the first official SW DVD available), and that's been enough for me. I still consider it the weakest of the Star Wars films (though "Clone Wars" is technically worse, you know what I mean), even if I enjoyed the final lightsaber battle (when it wasn't being interrupted by the other, less interesting battle scenes). The new (1999) puppet looked off, but at least back then I could laugh at how "stoned" he looked, but now with the CGI revamp, even that saving grace is gone from this movie.

I'm planning on skipping Episode II and III 3D in theaters as well. I would say "wake me up when they have the OT back in theaters" but if it's going to be the Blu-Ray cuts of those films, I may not even bother with those. If my local movie house was showing the original cuts of the OT (forget 3D, even), I'd be there in a heartbeat, mind you. As a fan about the only reason I could hope for the success of these 3D releases is so that we eventually get around to the OT, but considering it won't be the versions I fell in love with as a Star Wars fan growing up, it's not really something I'm too invested in overall.

I could go on and on about how little I care about these revamped releases, but I'm sure anyone reading this gets my point by now.

Don't get me wrong, the 3D movie fad is fun, but I've never had the experience of it turning a mediocre film into a good one. It's a marginal "improvement" at best, and there I'm talking about films where it was made with the 3D feature in mind, not tacked on over a decade later. If the Ranch stays true to form, we'll have a "3D" blu-ray release of these movies by 2018, and Lucas will probably get around to making even more tweaks and changes (and goof up half of them making the films slightly worse in the process).

If you liked Episode I, and want to see it again on the big screen, I'm happy you get a chance, but count me out this time.

PS: Just to show I'm not totally bitter, here are some fun Star Wars memories from back in the day:

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