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Part 2:

Jack: So, how did you get this lightsaber?

Xin: Kid, I've been drinking six months now, every day, to forget about this.

Jack: Why don- wait, who is this guy?

A man with a cybernetic hand and two cybernetic legs came in the cantina and came near Xin.

Man: Do you remember me?

Xin: Why i should remember you?

Man: You almost killed me five years ago, in the cantina at Tatooine, searching for Bola, during the great purge. Now, i want revenge!!

Xin throws the table on the man, while he and harr hide behind an another table and fire at the man.

Jack: He has a shield. We cant kill him!!

Xin: Shut up, kid. Take this lightsaber, and kill him.

Jack: But ho-

Xin: You talk too much. You want to become a jedi, right? Here is your chance.

Jack: How am i supposed to use it?

Xin: I dont know. Do i look like a jedi master?

Jack: I will try to use the force. Whats your name?

Xin: My name is Xin. And he is Harr.

Harr: hahahahah

Jack: Nice to meet you. My name is Jack.

Xin: Now attack.

Jack runs to attack, but the man fires on him. However, Jack, using the lightsaber, manages to block the blaster and comes near to the man.

Xin: This guy is going to use flamethrower on the boy. He will burn him. Even jedi masters cant defend against a flamethrower.

Harr: hahaha

Xin: I must do something.

Xin tries to use the force. At first he fails, but then he manages to feel the force. He remembered the words of Helena. << Use the Force, Xin>>. He remembered Kashyyyk. << Only force users use so good the lightsaber >> Helena said to him, before six months, in that forest world. He could feel the force coming in his body.

Xin: Force help me. Force Storm!!!!!!!!

As he shouts, he throws a ball of lightning storm to the man, while Jack cuts off the man's head.

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