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Originally Posted by jedi_consular16 View Post
Struck a nerve did I? You don't need to get your panties in a bunch just because someone's opinion stifles your wet dreams.

If you'll read my previous posts...none of my wording was hostile, or even negative. I expressed my own desire for a KOTOR III, but followed it with my opinion that it might be time to bury a dead topic.
An opinion is one thing, but basically saying "shut up, we're tired of hearing all of the KOTOR III lust" is another and a few posters have basically said just that.

If you like SWTOR then great good for you and everyone else who enjoys it, but as I see it there is nothing wrong with discussing the possibility of a KIII. And for the record if this new "it's dead so we should bury it now" mentality is catching then we might as well close some of the SW & non Star Wars-related LA sub-forums since there are plenty who post desires of a new "Sam & Max" game and what-not, unless you've already paid them a visit and told them to shut up more-or-less.
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