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SWTOR: Tears of the Force

*note* I do realize this is incredibly short, even for a prologue, however I do not to spoil what happens later, as most of the story is a flash back that will eventually catch up to what is happening in the prologue. Also, this is set just before the Republic/Imperials aided in the restoration of the crown to Panteer, obviously.

Star Wars: Tears of the Force

It is a trying time for the Galactic Republic. The Cold War has taken i's toll among the forces of both the Republic and the Empire. Small skirmishes have broken out between both sides on the fringes of the galaxy, but a greater war is looming on the edge of the horizon.

The planet of Alderaan has become all but an open battle ground between the two super powers. The tension rises as the planet is thrown even further into chaos by the death of Queen Panteer, allowing the power vaccum to be filled by House Ulgo, who usurped the throne.

Sensing that Alderaan is teetering on the edge of open war, the Jedi Council sends a young Jedi Knight to assist in reclaiming peace upon the planet. However the Republic Flagship, the Star of Hope, has been pulled out of it's hyperspace route by an Imperial ship and the Jedi's life is at stake...

The space battle was anything but silent. Blaster fire from the ships erupted all across the hull of the capital Republic ship. The Imperial strike force had caught the Republic troopers off guard as they headed to aid the civil war ravaged world of Alderaan. Not a word was spoken between the Imperial and Republic forces, the Empire had just opened fire, almost declaring the Peace Treaty as invalid.

“Sir, there are multiple hull breaches.” A voice called out across the meditation chamber aboard the Republic flagship. “Weapon systems are failing, defense mechanisms are falling fast. The shields have been all but annihilated. What are your orders?”

“Return fire, captain. Engineers need to stabilize the ship and the shields. Also call for reinforcements.” The young Jedi Knight murmured quietly, but decisively. “We won’t submit to the Imperials without a fight.”
“Yes, sir.”

The Jedi Chiss ran his silvery blue hand through his navy colored hair. His solid red eyes stared down at the ground just in front of his knees. So much had happened in his short life, being orphaned by Mandalorian mercenaries for having his parents defect from the Imperial Intelligence Agency to his Jedi training. He groaned softly as he considered that his parents’ efforts to save the galaxy were in vain. Skirmishes such as this had been heard of all across the galaxy, even with the defectors the Imperials and Republic alike were stuck at a stalemate. He shook his head slowly, realizing that his mind was drifting from the problem at hand.

“Vexus.” A soft, but masculine voice mumbled behind him. He felt a hand on his shoulder, but he didn’t turn to view the twenty year old human behind him. “Your ship is still in the hangar bay, we can get you to Alderaan.”

Vexus slowly shook his head. “No, Kale. I’m not leaving, not until either the Imperials give up or the ship is destroyed. I can’t allow our men to sacrifice themselves for me. I am a Jedi, I should be the once sacrificing myself to help the Republic and I’ll be damned if I abandon these men and women.”

Vexus pulled his shoulder from Kale’s grip and finally turned to look at him. The young man had skin almost as pale as the snow on Ilum, his irises were the same amethyst hue as the color crystal within Vexus’ lightsaber. He had relatively short sandy blond hair, but it was long enough to cover up his left eye. A thin metal stretched its way down from Kale’s ear, stopping just before his chin and a few strands of the cybernetic attached to his neck as well.
Kale kneeled down in front of Vexus and stared him straight in the eyes, his voice was calm. “Very well, if that is your desire, then so be it. I stand behind you one hundred percent.” He slowly leaned forward, knocking the other boy off balance. Vexus attempted to get up, but Kale’s arms intercepted him, blocking his escape route. “I vowed to follow you to the nine Corellian hells and back, my oath still remains strong.” He whispered as he closed the gap between them, pressing his lips softly, but firmly against Vexus’.

Vexus’ entire body went rigid. He wasn’t exactly sure how to respond to the other man’s kiss. Sure he’d flirted every once and a while with him, but he didn’t expect Kale to take him seriously. The Jedi were forbidden of attachments, he was positive that Kale knew this. When the other boy pulled away from Vexus, he looked somewhat embarrassed at the fact that Vexus hadn’t returned the kiss. The young Chiss stared out across the meditation chamber, before he enclosed his hand around Kale’s. “I’m sorry, but I need time to consider this. It goes against everything I was taught.” He whispered and then echoed the Jedi Code. “There is no emotion, there is peace…”

Kale’s lips turned up into a slim smile. “Well, I have more to say on the subject, but now is not the time. We have to devote our attention now to the Republic’s efforts to keep this heap of space junk a float.”

Vexus smiled slightly. “Fine, we’ll discuss this on Alderaan, or wherever the Force wills us to go after this battle.”

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